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Tomahawk Energy

at Tomahawk Energy Partners, Inc

 Support/Other - Worldwide
 United States of America - Houston

 Email: info@tomahawkenergypartners.com
 Office phone: 800-284-6182
 Cell phone: 281-780-1133
 LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/tomahawk-energy-partners-inc/2b/923/305

 Involvment in e-transaction: Decision-maker

Tomahawk Energy Partners, Inc.

 Website: www.tomahawkenergypartners.com
 Activity: Oil & Gas Operator (Upstream, Midstream, and/or Downstream) | Supplier - Business Administration & Other Non-Technical Services | Supplier - Drilling & Well Services | Supplier - Engineering Services | Supplier - Operations-Related Services
 Geographical area(s): Africa, America, Europe, Middle East

Outsourceing for Engineering, Accounting, Land, Legal

O&G e-Transaction status

 Usage of O&G business documents standards: PIDX
 Usage of transport protocols: AS2, http/s
 Usage of hubs/platforms: Oildex
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