Revised Group Rules (January, 2011). Please read before posting

The following Group Rules have been designed to make sure the Oil & Gas e-Transaction Forum remains professional, vibrant, and useful for all Group Members. Their main objectives are:

1. Make sure Discussions are used for “Discussions” ONLY, that is for non-commercial questions & topics that can generate Member participation.

2. Organize a flow of information through SubGroups (Marketplace & Directory, Operators, Job Center and Events), which allows finding easily products, services, people, jobs, and events, without being spammed.

Since there will always be some gray areas for such Rules, Oil & Gas e-Transaction Forum Moderation team have all freedom to interpret the Rules, so that the objectives mentioned above are achieved. Please feel free to use the Comments area to share your support, ideas, suggestions, or any concern you may have.


Rule #1: All Postings must be written in English.

The common language of our multinational Group is English. In addition, postings which are not written in English cannot be monitored by our Moderators.


Rule #2: Postings must be related to Oil & Gas and/or to e-Transaction.

This is a Group focusing on e-Transaction for the Oil & Gas Industry: Postings must have some relation to e-Transaction and some relation to the Oil & Gas Industry.


Rule #3: Discussion items must clearly invite member response and participate.

While articles, blogs or other reputable Energy industry sources may SUPPORT a good Discussion item, there resources cannot SUBSTITUTE a Discussion item. (See the “Special Rule for Blogs and Articles” below.)


Rule #4: Special rule for Blogs, and Articles.

Blogs and articles can be posted as a Discussion ONLY IF

(1) The Discussion’s “Additional Details” summarize key elements of the blog/article,

(2) Members are invited to participate by posting Comments WITHIN the Oil & Gas e-Transaction Forum Discussion forum, and

(3) The invitation to visit the blog or article URL is discrete, i.e. placed after the blogger/author signature. The information provided in the “Additional Details” area should allow Members to comment on the question/topic WITHOUT having to visit the blog or click on the article URL. Using Discussion simply to advertise a blog or promote an article, or giving only an URL in a discussion topic is strictly forbidden.


Rule #5: Be Kind, Polite, and Respectful to other members.

This is a professional forum. It is unacceptable to post or send unprofessional, abusive, aggressive, insulting, or otherwise inappropriate messages. Substantiated complaints will result in the author being removed and blocked from the Group.


Rule #6: Promotion of Products & Services and Business Opportunities (even when free) are not allowed, except in the "Marketplace & DIrectory" SubGroup.

The “Marketplace & Directory” SubGroup was created to allow Members to find the products or services they are looking for. This is the right place (and only place) to promote products and services (even when free), websites, LinkedIn Groups, and business opportunities. Marketplace Discussions Search tool makes it easy for buyers to find products and services.


Rule #7: Job Hunting or Recruiting are not allowed, except in the “Job Center” SubGroup.



Rule #8: Invitations to connect are not allowed, except in the "Marketplace & Directory" SubGroup.

The “Marketplace & Directory” SubGroup was created to allow Members to network openly. Invitations to connect are not permitted anywhere else in the Group.

Rule #9: Promotions of Events are not allowed, except in the "Events" SubGroup.

Promotions of events (trade shows, seminars, webinars…) are not allowed in the Group Discussions and Jobs, EVEN WHEN THE EVENT IS FREE. Promotion of events is welcome in the “Events” SubGroup, created to allow Members to search for interesting Oil & Gas and/or e-Business related events. Promotion of events anywhere else in the Group is not permitted.


Rule #10: News Posts:

Since the new layout of LinkedIn groups and subgroups has discussions and News posts in the same area: We are asking members to post News related links once or twice a day. Summarizing news posts with links to all the news are encouraged.


Rule #11: Spam messages and postings are strictly forbidden.

Forbidden spamming includes:

1. Sending multiple unsolicited messages to Group Members. Substantiated complaints will result in the spammer being removed and blocked from the Group.

2. Posting the same Discussion or News repeatedly in order to promote a product, service, or company. Unfilled job openings, however, can be reposted up to twice per month.

3. Posting commercial Comments in Discussions or Jobs – when such Comments have nothing to do with the Discussion.

4. Posting Comments in one’s own Discussion for the sole purpose of making it go to the top of Discussions.


Rule #12: Breaking these Rules or any of the LinkedIn Terms of use may lead to Member Removal.

Members who break any of the Oil & Gas e-Transaction Forum Group Rules or any of the LinkedIn User Agreement’s DOs and DON’Ts (see will receive up to two reminders. If the same rule is broken three times, the Moderator may remove and block the infringing Member without additional notice. Members who gravely infringe Rules 3 or 9 or any of the LinkedIn Terms of Use are also subject to imm

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