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Chevron eProcurement initiative gathers 4,000 suppliers.
Prior to b2een, suppliers had the choice: either to send electronic invoices (PIDX format, RNIF protocol) or to key in their invoices on Chevron's Supplier Portal.

Pain points

Very few suppliers are able to actually send PIDX/RNIF invoices directly to Chevron. The vast majority of them had to manually enter their invoices in Chevron's Supplier Portal - a painful and time consuming exercise.


Chevron set up a private b2een Community for their suppliers, allowing them to submit Excel formatted invoices and related supporting documents.

Benefits for Suppliers

  • A more efficient way to invoice Chevron (70% reduction of time spent vs. the Portal option)
  • Reduced DSO
  • A possibility to automate the invoicing process

Benefits for Chevron

  • Happier suppliers

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