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Members of the OnGeT Community can securely exchange information, in the form of signed and encrypted messages containing one or more documents. In order to exchange messages, two OnGeT members shall be online at the same time (both connectivity icons shall be green). If a member tries to send a message to a member which is not online, the message will stay in the "Outbox". b2een will send it as soon as both the sender and the recipient are online.


b2een message management works as follows:

  • each b2een client software has its own database
  • messages received or sent are stored in the database, as well as in the "Inbox" or "Sent" directories
  • whenever you delete a message through the b2een User Interface, you delete it in the b2een database (but the documents are not deleted in the directory)
  • alternatively, if you suppress a document in an "Inbox" or "Sent" directory, it has no impact on the message stored in the b2een database

Display messages

Click on "Messages" to access your Inbox/outbox screen where you can see all your messages (sent, in your outbox, saved as draft or received).


If you click on the right-hand side of a column header, you may sort your messages (ascending or descending), choose which subset of columns you want to display or group by.

Example: "Messages" tab with lines grouped by "Partner name" and sorted by "Date" (descending):

You may also drag and drop columns if you want to sort them out in a different order.

The "Messages" tab can display the following columns:


Column name Displayed information Comments
New Either a blue bullet point, for an unread message or blank (when read) You may sort your messages using that column in order to quickly identify new messages
Company name Company name of the b2een member
Partner ID You may use the "group by" feature to group all messages exchanged with each of your partners
Partner name
Type Provides information on the type of exchanged documents The possible values for that column are defined at Community level
Date Date and (local) time

For the sender, date and time of message creation.

For the recipient, date and time of message reception.

Send date Send date of the message Displayed for sent messages only. May be either slightly different from the "Date" (processing time for the message to be sent) or very different (if your partner wax not online at the time you created your message)
Box Message status

- Outbox: the message is either being processed or waiting for the recipient to be online

- Draft: the message is saved as a draft. You may complete and send it later on

- Sent: the message has been successfully delivered

- Received: the message has been successfully received

- Error: something went wrong and the message failed
Thread Identifier that can be used to link messages
Defined per Community.For example, if messages containing business documents like PO, POR, ASN and INV documents are exchanged, the Thread can be the PO number. You can then "group by" Thread and group all messages related to the initial PO.
Message ID Unique identifier of the message The Message ID is build as a combination of the sender b2een unique ID and a unique number (a timestamp). If needed, it could be Community specific.
Community Community name Name of the Community within which the message was exchanged
Dir. Direction icon Shows wheter the messages was sent or received.


By default, all columns but the "Partner ID", "Message ID" and "Community" are displayed.


If you want to change the default setting (hide columns or show some that are not displayed), click on the right-hand side of the any column label, then put your cursor over "Columns" and select the columns you want to display.

Any new message (sent or received) will appear in bold and with a specific blue bullet point icon. Click on a message to access the corresponding information (eg. when it was sent or received, attachments…).

Send messages

b2een proposes two ways to generate and send a message:


  • Either creating the message on the User Interface, as you would do for a standard email
  • Or dropping the documents you want to send on a partner-specific folder


From b2een User Interface

To send a message via the b2een User Interface, you may either go on the "Messages" tab, click on the "New message" button, select the Community and the partner you want to send you message to or directly select your partner on the "My Partners" pan, right-click on it, and select "New message".

Depending on the Community you are in, the "New message" window may differ.

In the standard "New message" window, you may enter a subject and a body to your message, add attachments if needed then save it as a draft or send it.

To add an attachment to your message, click on the "Attach" button and select your file. You may attach as many documents as you want.

The subject of your message can't be empty: if you have not entered a subject, but have selected an attachment, b2een will propose you one. Otherwise, b2een will prompt you to key in a subject.


Via Partners' dedicated folders

During the b2een software installation, a "b2een" directory is created in your user account ("\Documents and Settings\[Windows User account]"). Within that "b2een" directory, you will find a "partners" directory, with as many sub-directories as Communities you have subscribed to and a sub-folder for each partner you are in relationship with.


To send documents, just drag and drop (or copy) them into the recipient's folder. b2een regularly checks folders and automatically creates a message carrying the documents found on the folder. The message will then be sent by b2een as soon as the receiving partner is online. Within each partner's directory, you may find subfolders ("Inbox", "Outbox", "Sent", "Errors").


The ability to create and send messages by just dropping files on the right folder will prove to be very useful if you need to automate flows with some of your business partners. For example, if you want to send electronic invoices to a trading partner, you may set up your accounting software in such a way that all invoices are directly copied/saved in the folder of the related customer.


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